Jones skips schools on “Active Shooters”

Schools are the #1 location for “active shooters” to perpetrate their heinous acts.

So why did Scott Jones completely forget about all of the region’s schools during his recent active shooter presentation?

Instead, Jones held the presentation at the most financially influential church in the region.  Coincidence?

Held at Capital Christian Center, Scott Jones last week went before the crowd of church goers to meet with potential donors for his campaign for Sheriff.  But since the church is a 501(c)(3) non-profit (and using its resources to promote a political candidate would be a violation of IRS codes), he had to attend under the appearance of some “official business”.

But Jones’ presentation fails the laugh test.  Neither San Juan Unified, Twin Rivers, Sacramento City Unified, nor Folsom Cordova schools districts were even told about the upcoming event.  Never mind being invited to actually attend, and no other presentation (for the schools) has been scheduled by the Sheriff.

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s most likely a duck.  Scott Jones used his official position to meet campaign donors, gather information, and outreach to those church goers for political fundraising with the help of Capital Christian Center.

Skirting the law just another day in paradise for Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones.  The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department needs a complete leadership overhaul, beginning with who is elected as Sheriff.  It is going to take someone from the outside to come in and clean up the department.  An insider, who has been part of the problem, can never be expected to bring about the changes necessary to bring forth the integrity, transparency, and equality to the Department that Sacramento taxpayers deserve.